We’re back with the results of our latest monthly competition. We’re all about focused and effective work here at Brief, which is why two weeks ago we asked our community to share their favorite music to listen to when they need to get some serious work done. We were delighted and surprised by the range of fantastic responses – from classical music to EDM, from good ol’ country music to Norse heavy metal and classic French ballads.

In particular, we were impressed by submissions that included several different types of music aimed at inducing different moods. @robanthonyprod’s combined suggestion of Gramatik’s chill electronic and R Carlos Nakai’s smooth flutes caught our attention and our ears.

“Instrumental music from Gramatik or R. Carlos Nakai… words in music get in the way of my concentration so I need a good beat or a smooth flute melody to continue work for hours uninterrupted” – @robanthonyprod

@robanthonyprod gets our panel’s vote this month and will be receiving a $40 Amazon voucher for his original and interesting submission.

November also marks the launch of Brief’s new Spotify music channel, which includes a curated playlist made up of a range of tracks that you, our community, said you love to work to. Listen to our Focus Music Playlist on Spotify and share it with your friends or team members. We’ll keep adding to the Spotify playlist and invite you to continue sending your suggestions of new tracks that you feel could make it even more fabulous!

We want to thank our community again for their participation. Watch our blog and social channels for this month’s competition, coming as always in the last week of the month. It’s gonna be another good one!

The Brief Team

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