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Welcome to Part 3 of the “Top 48 Project Management Blogs to Follow in 2019” series.

Are you looking for the best project management blogs? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite project management blogs for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Add them to your bookmarks and be inspired.

1. Agile Alliance

Read the latest and greatest articles from the Agile community — how-to guides, best practices, and more.

Twitter: @AgileAlliance

2. Capterra’s Blog

Capterra provides software reviews and lists of tools that will help you pick the perfect business solution for your team.

Twitter: @capterra

3. The agile42 Blog

Learn about Agile, Kanban and Scrum through coach interviews and training.

Twitter: @agile42

4. PMStudent

Project management for beginners.

Twitter: @pmstudent

5. Green Project Management

All articles will guide you how to make good decisions when it comes to placing your project in the right environment and protecting nature.

Twitter: @GPMCertified

6. The IIL Blog

Learn about leadership, project management, and Agile.

Twitter: @IILGlobal

7. Atlassian Blog

Learn from experts about ways to increase productivity at work. 

Twitter: @atlassian

8. The Digital Project Manager

The Digital PM has how-to guides, best practices, hacks for productivity, and other PM resources.

Twitter: @thedigitalpm

9. DZone Agile

Agile methodology news, insights and training resources from DZone.

Twitter: @DZone

10. is one of the best sources where you can get the latest news on Scrum.

Twitter: @Scrumdotorg

11. PRINCE2 Blog

Providing free tips, guides and other useful resources to those that use PRINCE2 as a Project Management methodology.

Twitter: @prince2blog

12. Scoro’s Blog

Advice, tools, and hacks for smart teams. Get your work done more efficiently and improve your results!

Twitter: @scorosoftware

13. The Association for Project Management – APM Blog

Leading project management experts share their thoughts. 

Twitter: @APMProjectMgmt

14. Project Smart

Project Smart is the project management resource that helps managers at all levels improve their performance.

Twitter: @ProjectSmart

15. Blogs

This blog offers insights, tips, advice and personal stories you might want to check out.

Twitter: @ProjectMgtcom

16. nTask Project Management Blog

Useful content on productivity, collaboration, and project management. 

Twitter: @ntaskmanager

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