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Welcome to Part 2 of the “Top 48 Project Management Blogs to Follow in 2019” series.

Are you looking for the best project management blogs? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite project management blogs for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Add them to your bookmarks and be inspired.

1. Workzone Blog

This blog covers a wide range of topics related to project management.

Twitter: @workzone

2. Kanbanize Blog

Knowledge hub for lean professionals.

Twitter: @KanbanizeInc

3. Redbooth’s Blog

This blog is about project management and productivity.

Twitter: @RedboothHQ

4. The Nutcache Blog

Learn about Scrum, collaboration, project management methods, and time monitoring.

Twitter: @nutcache

5. The Clarizen Blog

Worth-reading articles and guides on project management.

Twitter: @clarizen

6. ProofHub Buzz

A selection of ProofHub’s best articles and talks on leadership, productivity, management, work culture, team-building, motivation, self-Improvement, and workplace comics that hit too close to home.

Twitter: @proofhub

7. The LiquidPlanner Blog

They write about team management and collaboration, leadership, productivity, and more.

Twitter: @liquidplanner

8. The Project Manager Blog

Check out guides, templates, books, and training videos on project management.

Twitter: @ProjectTips

9. Planio Blog

Tips on how to make your projects run smoother.

Twitter: @planio

10. ActiveCollab Blog

They write guides for collaborative teams.

Twitter: @activecollab

11. Wrike’s Blog

Tips, stories, and new approaches to work management, collaboration, and productivity.

Twitter: @wrike

12. The Replicon Blog

This blog covers the latest tips, trends, and best practices for HR, project management and workforce management.

Twitter: @replicon

13. The Celoxis Blog

For the Thinking Project Manager – about theory, practice, leadership and more.

Twitter: @celoxis

14. actiTIME blog

Learn about how to manage projects in the most efficient way.

Twitter: @actiTIME_team

15. The Workfront Blog

This blog covers the latest project management news and articles on productivity, and more.

Twitter: @Workfront

16. BrightWork’s Blog

Learn from experts about using teamwork, leadership, and software for project management.

Twitter: @Brightwork_

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