1. Create a task from any message

Simply right click on the message or click on the when you hover on the message.

2. Quickly access features using keyboard shortcuts

3. Drag and drop tasks within a Hub to prioritize them

Just click on the task until the grab-hand icon appears to rearrange the order.

4. Organize your dashboard by rearranging and minimizing Hubs

5. Easily share files by dragging and dropping them into a Hub

Want to share some docs with your entire team? You’re welcome!

6. Keep personal notes and files in one place using Self Chat

7. Avoid distractions from muted chats

8. Easily invite people to join a Hub by sending a link

9. Help others find you on Brief by creating an @username

10. Find specific content in a pinch

Got some thoughts about our features? We’d love to hear your feedback! Just contact us by email or directly through Brief.

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