Time tracking software helps you improvise the most important areas of your business. It is crucial to have one when you are charging hourly for work. Time tracking software works as an X-ray vision of your project.

We at Brief know the real power and impact of time tracking software to help you run your business. Where we help you focus on your goals and increase your productivity, time tracking lets you know how much money you are making from your business. It can help you if you are burning your way through cash. Brief collaborates with teams and software tools to ensure that you manage your work at best and to maximize your profits. 

1. Zoho Project

This time tracking software is simple and straightforward yet offers an array of excellent features including export of timesheet data, Zoho invoice, a record of billing hours, and much more. 

Features: With timesheets, you can record the start and end date/time of the tasks. It would also contain the details about the portions of tasks. The timesheet allows you to log time on a daily or weekly basis depending upon your project. 

Zoho offers rich communication among the team. You can log details of every task and track from a single platform. You can easily export documents, or billing invoice in different formats to the client, manager, stakeholders, or team members in just a few clicks. 

Downsides: Zoho project has only one downside. The data display is not fit for large teams; otherwise, it is a top choice for small businesses.


2. BQE Core

BQE Core is all in one software for time tracking, project management, and billing solutions. With BQE Core time management and tracking becomes simple, making time tracking of your entire team relatively easy.  It is affordable and is perfect for a team that has huge data of reporting every day.

Features: Core offers excellent customization for documents and project of different employees and work nature.  Tracks project effectively, helping you organize your team well. It works well on android and iOS system. Handles complex billing and speeds up cash flow by cutting down payment time. The program uses artificial intelligence to solve issues in the software rather than your IT department making time-taking efforts to fix it. Other features include customizable dashboards and HR software, making the software more convenient for your business. 

Downsides: BQE core has no GPS tracking, IP restrictions, and lacks dial-in clock-in. The program costs you more when you add new modules.


3. T Sheets

This is a well-rounded time tracking program delivering strong configuration options. What’s special about T sheets is the simple user interface, deep reporting, and open API for third party integration.

Features: Time tracking features also involve, adding timesheet details, scheduling breaks, and changing job codes and shifts. T-sheets gives overtime alerts, helping you and your employees to prevent weekly overtime. Can predict time needs for different project and plan payrolls ahead of time. T sheets is also available in a mobile-friendly app. It syncs with you

Downsides: Lacks a screen and option for scheduling future time.


4. Time Doctor

Time doctor offers a little bit of everything, including time tracking, project management, and tracking and monitoring of employees. 

Features:  It helps you track time to clients and projects. Monitors time spend on work and break, and chatting. Activity tracking is easy with automated screenshots. Other features include detailed and powerful reports, automatic payroll and billing, and integration with other management tools.

Downsides:  UI of Time Doctor is outdated. You cannot use the stopwatch feature without chrome connection or desktop application.


5. VeriClock

VeriClock is user-friendly and easy to understand. The price is considerably less than the competitors. The software provides an array of manageable settings for administrator which makes customizing better.

Features: Integrates with trusted payroll software programs, including Quickbook and Sage. It provides a compatible format for data that can be directly imported to your accounting software. The real-time data helps effective tracking and monitoring of employees. Eliminate manual calculations and timesheet entries so save a lot of time. 

Downsides: The stopwatch does not show seconds. It supports only 1GB memory at a time and cannot support future time schedule. Apart from these minor issues, VeriClock is very configurative and affordable time tracking software.


6. Wrike

With Wrike, you have full visibility and control over your projects. The set up is quick and easy with a clean interface. 

Features: The features provide rich communication and a streamlined workflow. Real-time reports give better insight into your team’s performance and productivity. The software is best for managing projects in tough schedules and less time.

Downsides: Timer is difficult to find in Wright. Valuable tools are limited to premium accounts only.

Wrike Personal View.png

7. Hubstaff

Hubstaff software has important features for employee monitoring. 

Features: Easily add time to time schedules before the shift start. Provides accurate and detailed timesheets that are easily exportable.  Contains built-in tools to measure efficiency leading to smart teams. Automatic invoices help payment faster. Other features include employee scheduling and project budgeting.

Downsides:  The reporting format is very basic. There are no IP restrictions. You need an additional desktop app for stopwatch feature. Time tracking is less advanced than competitors.


8. Mavenlink

Mavenlink is a great online project management and time tracking software for large organizations. 

Features: Provide excellent project management tools. Mavenlink has a stable Open API. Excellent robust programming with smart snips markup features. Saves time and money by quickly exporting documents to different formats and an accurate and accessible payment process. 

Downsides: Mavenlink can be expensive for small business. It is not available in the mobile app. It does not have a chat feature and other communication tools.


9. Clarizen

Clarizen provides an excellent combo of time tracking, invoicing, and project management.

Features:  Clarizen allows you to directly import new or update existing work files and data from excel to the software. Resource load feature provides faster system performance. Project utilization is the major feature for effective project management.

Downsides: The software is expensive. The mobile app lacks certain project management tools — no GPS monitoring. There is no time in and time out option available till yet. 

10. TimeSolv

Timesolv is a flexible tool for managing and monitoring work with streamflow. 

Features: Integrates with Quickbook, Dropbox, and other accounting and managing tools. It offers effective tools, management, reporting, and budgeting.

Downsides: UI is not compatible and less user-friendly. It has no GPS monitoring and lacks the finesse of time tracking. TimeSolv is suitable for low professionals who want tracking on billing and invoicing.


Here were the top 10 time tracking software. Time tracking software can be very beneficial for monitoring, managing data, and budgeting for your business. When using a time tracking software collaborate with Brief that provides video chat, task managers, hubs for teams, and many useful features to keep you and your organization ahead.

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